Labels: Beep-beep. God знакомства вспб we incorporate driving into the education system and ensure kids will sit their Leaving Cert as qualified drivers so that the backlog will decrease in the years to come. I agree completely JL, I often thought a driving ed class знакомства вспб school would be a good idea, instill comprehensive driving skills from an early age. Знакомства сатка and more people live in areas surrounding cities, and these people need to get to work one way or another. The thing about the learner driver having to be accompagnied by someone with a licence for more than 2 years makes sense to me. The qualified driver is there to stop stupid mistakes being made. To act as a supervisor, so to speak. So for me, allowing an 18 year old who has just passed their test to be the qualified driver for their friend who is learning is just as bad as not having any acompagnying driver. At the end of the day, Ireland just needs to follow the driving-test system of most other European countries. Germany, Sweden, Finland, and Holland seem to have the most competant drivers, and the tests are strict and rigorous.

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